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Help & FAQ[]

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What is Atrocity?

Atrocity is a virtual pet site made by Ittermat with some help from her friends - basically somewhere with cute pets, a good environment, nice artwork and fun times... Always wanting a pet site of her own, Atrocity is her attempt at that!

Who does what?

To answer that, I direct you to the Credits page!

How do I get a plant pet?

Plant pets are only available to adopt at certain times! But they can also be changed, just like the animals!

Why do I keep being sent to a different website for certain Site features?

Its because of the current limitations of the actual pet site; since I want you to have more to do, I'm using two websites to bring you a good experience! Once Features are implemented on the Actual Atrocity site, I will move things from the second site to the main site. Until then please be tolerant of me using two websites! In the end its all for your enjoyability!

Why don't we have this (feature)?

The site I'm using to make this petsite is still new and limited on what it can do, so I'm doing the best with what I've got. Not only that but upgrades and new features cost credits, which cost real money. That I do not have. However if you'd like to help out you can buy credits, but you need to be logged in!  Or you can be nice and donate!


What are Credits/Candy and Beads?

Credits/candy/beads are the currency on the site. You can earn beads through playing games, but it costs REAL money to buy credit/ candy. You can use candy to do things like becoming a premium member on Atrocity and getting access to the premium shop (not available yet!)

Why should I buy Candy?

Buying candy helps support the site, as the hosts worked hard to bring you guys something fun! It would be a great help and would also contribute into making the site bigger and better, and we would really appreciate it!

Whats the difference in buying Credits/Candy and donating?

When you buy credits you get those credits to use on site (ex. premium store with rarer items), but we only get a small percentage of credits ourselves when you buy them. If you donate directly, we get it all. Currently there is NO premium shop, so donating is the better choice for both parties!

Creative Corner[]

Can I add stories to the Library?

Of course! We are always wanting new things to read here! If you want to write your own story for the website, all you have to do is visit the Creative Corner in the library.

I drew you fanart / wrote you a story for the site! Where do I send it?

That's awesome! If you go to the Creative Corner in the Library you can find

Will I still get credit for my things?

Absolutely! We are here simply to share! I will not steal anything you do - I will give you full credit for anything you send that you have done.