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Elise Morris[]


Age: 27

Occupation: Bookstore owner/Help Faq helper

About: Elise is the epitome of sweet and Kind, always willing to lend a helping hand this little cutie is your go to gal for anything you need. She works two jobs to make ends meet and enjoys every minute of it.


  • Elise is a type of labrador retriever breed
  • She loves everything about books, and believes in the Kotonushi, the fox spirit that eats books to survive.
  • In fact she believes in this creature so much that she always leaves a few books out in her room in case it decides to come visit.
  • She has a younger sister named Leta Morris who helps her at the library/bookstore.
  • Her glasses are actually fake... She just thinks that they make her look more librarianish if she wears them.
  • Due to her knowlege from books, she also runs the help/faq area of the website.