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Catari Necessities



"Made by a catari, for catari! find your essentials here!"

This shop is found by clicking the "Shops" link from the Exploration tab on the left side of the screen, and can be found on the Left Side of Town between Glidera Goodies and Hounda Essentials. The store is run by the friendly Catari NPC Cheyl and frequently stocks toys, food and treats for your Catari.


Image Item Price
Bag of Catnip
Bag of Catnip - 400 Beads
Catari Dry Food
Catari Dry Food - 500 Beads
Catari Teaser Toy
Catari Teaser Toy - 200 Beads
Catari Brown Scratching Post
Catari Brown

Scratching Post

- 300 Beads
Catari Fish Treats
Catari Fish Treats - 200 Beads
Ball of Yarn
Ball of Yarn - 100 Beads