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Welcome to the Atrocity Wikia!

Atrocity is still under construction!

Hello, and welcome to the Atrocity Wikia page!

Do you need some information about the site or want to know what you need to get for a specific pet? What pets can you collect? Who are the NPC's? what are all the specific items and how do you get them? Well, right here, all of Atrocity's secrets are at you finger tips!! However, we are  still working on everything, so check back soon for more!

The AtrocityWikia is an information pool about Atrocity, an adoptable game created by Ittermat. It's a fairly new site, so we hope to grow as time goes on!

Atrocity is a world where pets change visages, books come alive, and where shops have personalities, it's a place where you can find interesting characters, wonderful maps to explore, games to play, and books to read! It's a community of imagination and creativity; you may even see what you have created featured on the site somewhere! Pique your interest? Visit Atrocity today, as it is an Atrocity that you aren't here with us already! 

Anyone can edit, so if you would like to help, feel free to create an account and start editing, or just browse around and increase your knowledge of Atrocity.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask an admin or a user of the wiki. Please check the rules before editing!