Atrocity Wikia

The alignments are the different Factions on the site- Different teams, etc. You can choose whichever you'd like to join- However choosing a good or bad alignment doesnt make you a good or bad person- and does not exempt you from site rules.


Knowledge  Seeker

Element: Arcane

☀You seek the ultimate truths, the ultimate knowledge and ultimate wisdom, you will go as far as needed to collect intelligence, stories.. .folk tales, words. Puzzles are easy for you, and you do not back down from a challenge.. .in fact its not a challenge- Its a special experience . you will never falter in your goal to figure out the knowledge of the world... Or better yet? the universe..



Brave Collector

Element: Life

  Never willing to cause confrontation,
your main goal is to save, collect, gather,
and find what you can to keep what you a sort of packrat you look for
what you feel you must of
everything, and more of everything else....
you will go through any lengths to retrieve
these things, face any danger necessary,
and travel any distance to make sure your
collection is complete. You are the king of your
own created kingdom.


Light Dragon


Element: Sky

You are wise, caring and giving, you  always put others first- and have no problems stopping to help someone in need- The shirt off your back you will gladly give, and for your compassion you can soar high as though you had wings. You dream big, you love deeply, and you are a light in a dark room.



Dark Ghost

Element: Void

Like a shadow sneaking about, you live for the darkness in others hearts,   and you do all you can to bring it out-   always wanting to snuff out the light you will do whatever it takes to make others miserable- You steal cheat and lie, and you have no remorse...the only thing you care about is making others as miserable as you are.